We have had a number of new insureds contact our office lately about getting quotes with our LIPCA INSURANCE NATIONAL PEST/LAWN PROGRAM. These are well established pest/lawn companies as well as new PMPs that are starting new businesses.

After discussing the services they are providing their customers and their insurance coverage needs it is amazing how many PMPs we speak with seem to have inadequate coverage, wrong limits of insurance, deductibles that might be too high/low. We see other issues that are could provide problems regarding sub-limits, sunset clauses and exclusions that seem to be very much common sense if you know the pest/lawn industry and its exposures.

There is a difference of selling pest insurance versus handling pest insurance for the pest professional. LIPCA Insurance was created and is owned by the pest industry and this is our only program. We focus on your needs and exposures every day. We can assist you and your agent to make sure you have the protection you need. Please feel free to contact our office at 1-800-893-9887 ext 7016 or email us at info@lipca.com.


Learn to Listen and Listen to Learn

I was speaking to a potential pest management professional about writing their business and we were discussing claims and loss control. We spoke about the typical claims with the usual questions about the worst claims we have handled, common issues on why pest professionals have claims and overall the best way to avoid the claims you truly can control.

Well I have spoken about this subject for many, many years. Speeches about documentation, customer relations, hiring practices, office training and quality control have been heard by many pmps all over the country. He was appreciative of the time we spent with him while he asked his questions which he obviously wanted answers to hopefully protect his business. The funny part about our conversation is I think I got as much or more from our discussion than our insured did-yes he came with our program.

He stated to me that one of the lessons he learned very early in his business carrier was on simple thing. He was taught “LEARN TO LISTEN AND LISTEN TO LEARN”. What a simple thought and what a great lesson. I don’t know if many of you have heard this saying before and if you have I am hopeful this is a great reminder to use this practice.

I see this for all ages and experience but mainly for those that are new to our industry. The technique of learning to listen if one that is crafted over time in my opinion. I think there are very few people that can grasp a new subject or issue from the start and really hear all aspects of the subject correctly the first time. Most of us think we heard that you must complete a treatment graph this way and find out later there were a couple or things that you forgot to list or graph on the diagram.

Other discussions you have heard on what to and not have in your contract-arbitration clause or not? What terms to use and not use-chemical or product? What about the term Termite Certificate or WDIR/WDOR (depending on the state). I have still yet to see one WDIR document where the title is Termite Certificate but I hear that term used almost every day.

This term to me is the key. Once you have really grasped the ability to really listen to others that know more or have experienced more than yourself, that is when you will truly learn a lot more about the pest industry.