I hope to be writing a new article for pest companies very soon about the need and importance of issuing contracts for pest services. 

We know of PMPs that market their services as “contract free” or something similar that can be effective……  It is down the road that is the problem and I can assure you that on most occasions where a claim for damages or injuries do occur, you will be at the mercy of a judge or jury on who is responsible especially without a contract.

I am putting this blog out early because in just the last 2 weeks we received 3 claims on bed bug matters and one general pest situation.  Damages and injuries are being claimed and in EVERY one of these situations, the insured did NOT have a contract between their office and the customer.  The bed bug situations are with residents so guess who gets to choose where they can file a claim-if not both parties.

Especially for commercial accounts you really need a contract of some kind.  We have many examples of contracts for all kinds of pest services. The contracts range from very simple to extremely complex. The key is ISSUE A CONTRACT!  Keep an eye out down the road for my extended article on this issue. Good luck.